Hi Dave.

Thank you for your input. But I must say, your opening statement left me with a very contradicted mindset. I believe our country is very divided currently. I agree with you in that sense.

However, I am sensing that your bipartisanship is only applying to when democrats contrast your fundamental ideas.

Pairing a statement like, “I believe our country needs to become more united,” with, “the democrats were the reason for this division,” seems very contradictory in itself.

I do agree with you that we need to find a way forward. This is why I absolutely love the concept of compromise.

I do not identify as a democrat or republican. In fact, my views are very different when it comes to different ideas.

I am liberal when it comes to protecting our minority communities, but I do not believe in authoritarian government that controls the people.

A libertarian liberal just doesn’t sit right with me!

I do have to say that I disagree with you about protest. I say this because I have also observed our country and it’s roots. (Mind you, I have had less time to study and I am reliant on an education system that has hardwired me to believe history in a certain way, so forgive me and please correct me if my history is wrong.)

I love the idea that America is comprised of what I would call, a pack of rebellious teenagers. What makes America incredible is that our history is so new. We are not comprised of thousand year old dynasty’s or royal families dating to the early 1600’s.

We are families that come from old places in search of new beginnings. We love the idea of creating something for ourselves.

In order to do that, we were met with severe violence and bloodshed. But we persevered in order to find this loving home.

Protest has followed us for hundreds of years. In fact, the years in which we were compliant I wouldn’t call honorable myself.

The problem with saying that protest and riots are not successful is that we need to understand the climate before we determine this.

Like the 1700’s, the majority of our citizens feel under-represented. According to Pew Research, 74% of Americans believe that elected officials put their own interests before their constituents.

If the people feel as though they are not being heard or represented, it is hard to find a way to get them to understand. While elections are served to get these officials out, American politics is inter wrapped with capitalism and donors. This means, it is hard to get some of the strongest people out and allow for someone who will represent.

But you know what they can do?

They can riot. They can protest. They can make waves for our oppressors to notice their discontent with their service.

I agree, we need America to become whole again. We need to be able to find compromise and bartering instead of division. But we also need upheaval and protest in order to allow for our government to see that this country is ran by the people, for the people.

Graduated senior class of 2020. In hopes to become a journalist, I've created a blog where I will contribute some of my thought processes during this pandemic.

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